Rose is an injera grill that redefines the modern habesha lifestyle, using induction technology to create a grill that is safer, faster, and more efficient than anything else on the market. With a beautiful design, Rose becomes a centerpiece in any modern kitchen.

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Rose’s cutting edge induction technology cooks your injera while its body stays cool to the touch. It’s not just the smartest injera grill, but the safest, too.


Induction is the most efficient heating technology out there, so you can cut your electric bill while making injera in a fraction of the time.

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Rose's design is a nod to traditional clay stoves used everyday in East African countries like Eritrea and Ethiopia. While giving homage, we took the opportunity to bring the design into the modern era. We explored materials, finishes, and cutting edge fabrication technology to create a modern and efficient masterpiece.


Rose - full kit

Get the Rose injera grill, a flat injera cooking pan, a cleaning kit, and hand made straw cover. Available in black and white trims.


rose - grill only

Get the Rose grill only. Available in black and white trims.

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